Use Festoon Party Lights to Add Sizzle to Your Event

Use Festoon Party Lights to Add Sizzle to Your Event


Looking for a fun, festive and unique way to spice up your event, party or gathering?Then make sure to make use of festoon party lights.


Also known as simply party lights or cafe lights, these festive accouterments can illuminate and adorn your outdoor area and grandly illuminate your party or gathering in ways that will leave your guests breathless.


You could buy them yourself, of course, but there’s a lot to know about these festoon lights and how to use them. There’s also the hassle of hanging or placing them, and dealing with all the wires necessary to power them appropriately.


And if you only need them once, why buy them outright?


There are companies, like ours in Melbourne, who specialize in designing areas in festoon lights for hire outdoors.


So when you have your next get-together, wedding, party, or any other event where festoon party lights and party fairy lights would be a nice touch, consider calling in the experts who know just how to turn your event as festive as you require.


Use Festoon Party Lights to Add Sizzle to Your Event

What Are Festoon Lights and How Are They Used?

Traditional festoon lights have changed over the years as they have become more and more popular.


The older styles were made of glass and not very practical for long-term outdoor use.


The newer varieties are made to withstand the elements outdoors, and are more economical, as they are made with LED lighting (light emitting diodes) and plastic bulbs.


This allows for much more imagination as to the sizes and shapes and colors to be used. So the festoon lights themselves are much cheaper to operate and can run a long time without burning out.


They have been made out of the same concept that Christmas lights have become, as you can run strings of them together, and they are durable.


So you see how versatile they are regarding designs available for any all types of parties you may have.


For weddings, they are perfect as you can use them to decorate seating areas, the aisle, and of course the dance floor.


And no matter what the theme may be for your wedding or party, there are festoon lights and party fairy lights that can be used for any occasion. Any and all styles and colors are available. The smaller party fairy lights are always popular, as are the larger globe style for a retro look


If you’re outdoors and it’s raining, they are completely adaptable to the weather.


And if you’re looking to adorn your outdoor area with festoon party lights permanently, there are commercial grade lights available that can be used year round if you’d like them around your gazebo, entertainment areas or patios or pools.


Keep in mind that when you call on us for festoon lights for hire, we provide all the lighting and designs and equipment necessary, whether you’re renting or buying from us.


All of our lights are the best manufactured on the market, and we can string as many of them as you may require. They are all made with the best materials and waterproof, of course, and come with all the lighting effects enhancements (like dimmers) that you may need.


Call Us for Your Festoon Lights for Hire Needs and Services

Call Us for Your Festoon Lights for Hire Needs and Services

So if you have a Melbourne-area home that needs festoon lights or you’re hosting an event like a wedding or a corporate gathering, look to the best in the business.


We have a talented team of expert lighting professionals and designers who can provide you with the services you need for any of your festoon party lights requirements.


We operate out of the Melbourne area and work with individuals and businesses (like cafes and restaurants) providing the area with excellent and illuminating services.


Feel free to contact us today with the information on this page, and we’ll be glad to have one of our friendly associates offer a free consultation to discuss our products and services.


Let us work with and for you to make that special event or gathering more memorable.