What Are Solar Festoon Lights?

What Are Solar Festoon Lights?


Just like any other type of festoon lighting,solar festoon lights are directly powered by our favorite star to provide luminous and ambient light for any Melbourne area event, gathering, party, wedding, corporate to-do, or small business public gathering places.The use of solar battery powered festoon lights can cut down on the amount of cords necessary to provide the source of the power required for your outdoor lighting needs.


OK, so you’re thinking, a lot of parties and outdoor events continue or happen at night. Or, what if your event happens to have a bit of cloud cover (or more than a bit). Doesn’t the solar outdoor festoon lights require the sun to operate?


Of course, but, the advanced technology available for solar battery powered festoon lights will allow for these lights to shine brightly anytime day or night or in any weather condition.


How Do Solar Battery Powered Festoon Lights Work

How Do Solar Battery Powered Festoon Lights Work?

The science and technology behind how solar festoon lights works is simple enough.


Lights powered by the sun work due to the photovoltaic effect, which is the use of solar cells to convert the energy emitted by the sun into a storable energy which can be used anytime.


These cells are usually noticeable as a dark panel either on the lights themselves or a device attached to the string of lights.


With the advancement of newer solar technology, solar cells can hold a longer charge so that once the sun goes down or disappears behind some clouds, the solar powered battery will maintain enough of a charge to keep a constant stream of electricity to keep your solar outdoor festoon lights glowing as long as you need them.


The downside is the solar cells will need sunlight to power up, so if there is an extended period without sunlight, then they will not function as well.


Many solar outdoor festoon lights come with either backup power sources like options for direct power or other battery-powered options in case you’re faced with a period without sunlight.


What Are Some Unique Uses for Solar Outdoor Festoon Lights?

The use of warm white solar festoon lights can accentuate any wedding with the proper romantic ambiance as will the use solar-powered LED patio string lights and the always popular fairy festoon lights.


Making use of your trees, garden areas and gazebos of patios is always a smart idea. Try putting solar party festoon globe lights, which come in a mind-boggling array of styles and shapes.


These solar party festoon globe lights can be used with any number of different color combinations and styles, like rustic wire shapes that can be utilized with white colored wires with fairy lights sprinkled in and paper globes to create an Asian vibe.


And if you’re having a wedding reception outdoors, how about utilizing solar battery powered festoon lights with wine bottles. Tie a hemp rope around the top of the bottle, which has been re-corked, and hang the bottles near tables or around areas where the bar or food serving area is for a vintage cafe appeal.


Top it off by utilizing some solar festoon lights like LED patio string lights, matching the colors of the bottles or solar party festoon globe lights. Sprinkle in some warm white solar festoon lights, and you’ve added some ambient pizzazz that will leave your guests swooning.


Let Our Festoon Lighting Experts Lend a Hand

Want to Have a Standout Event? Let Our Festoon Lighting Experts Lend a Hand

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