For Festoon Lighting, DIY Is Possible, but Hiring Our Pros Is Best

For Festoon Lighting, DIY Is Possible, but Hiring Our Pros Is Best


So you’ve got to plan a wedding. Or the big family reunion. Or maybe your boss loves your creativity and has designated you with the task of planning the corporate party.Let’s make this more interesting; all these events are to be held primarily outdoors.You’ve got the basics of the ideas you plan to implement, and you remember that festoon lighting has become increasingly popular in the Melbourne area, or for that matter, throughout the whole of Australia.


No worries. There are some excellent do-it-yourself ideas you’ve found when you punched in various internet search engine keywords.


You can certainly tackle this kind of project. That is if you have the time, resources, knowledge, and skills involved in setting up all the different types of lighting you require to set the proper ambient tones that accentuate the theme of the gathering you’ve been entrusted to putting together.


Or better yet, why not enlist the help of professionals who play at this type of thing every day? Experts with the design lighting skills and experience to make your get together pop and zing.


Our Melbourne area professionals are just the kind of folks to help you succeed with planning and pulling off the event of the year.


Make Use of Festoon Lighting Poles and Outdoor Post Light Fixtures

Make Use of Festoon Lighting Poles and Outdoor Post Light Fixtures

Festoon lighting poles can be as simple as poles or posts already in the ground to elegant and stylish varieties made exclusive for hanging string lights or using to attach lanterns, candles and their holders, globes and bottles with lights in them.


Think of patio string light poles that you use to take different varieties of string lights and spread and hang them in decorative and unique ways.


How about string lights on deck railings? You could use LED string strip lights and even use string lighting to wrap around the festoon lighting poles that you utilize.


Trees are beautiful to use as festoon lighting poles or great to utilize as solar lamp post lights or other outdoor post light fixtures.


Another modern use of outdoor post light fixtures for festoon lighting poles is the use of aluminum buckets. You take the buckets and create solar lamp post lights or street light posts by filling them with a material (like concrete) and using a simple wooden pole or aluminum post.


Once the concrete has hardened, you have easy and inexpensive festoon lighting poles for use as patio string light poles, a street light post, solar lamp post lights or any other outdoor post light fixtures.


They’re portable and easily moved and won’t cost a lot of money to create. Their versatility is also astounding as you can decorate these festoon lighting poles any way you desire, and make the poles as long as you need. Placing a simple hook mechanism at the top allows you to use them to string lights or as holders for lanterns, globes or candle holders.


Let Us Help You Design and Use Festoon Lighting Poles for Your Function

Let Us Help You Design and Use Festoon Lighting Poles for Your Function

Many aspects of planning an outdoors party event, wedding or other get-together require a lot of time that many of us just do not have.


As well, the wrong type of ambient lighting or colors can set off the gathering with the wrong tone and mood.


So why not trust in our team of highly skilled, experienced and professional festoon lighting design experts?


We can help with all aspects of your outdoor lighting needs, from helping utilize and choose the right festoon lighting poles and outdoor post light fixtures.


We can assess your outdoor area and make use of patios, decks, gazebos, trees, gardens, etc., and create an atmosphere that will make your party or event the envy of all.


So call or contact with the information at the bottom of this page and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will contact you immediately to discuss your ideas and needs. We’ll provide a free consultation, and our rates and prices are affordable for any budget.